Timi & Leslie

Our signature collection for moms who simply demand the best diaper-bag . The Convertible Collection features trend setting styles finished in vegan faux leather or lightweight quilted nylon.

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Double Tiered Vacuum Insulated Food Jar
Who said you had to pick just hot food items, or just cold?
This modular set of food containers allows you to pack both
hot and cold food items for meals on-the-go.

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Kangacare, Innovative Diapering Solutions for Modern Parents. Kangacare manufactures high quality cloth diapers with unique solutions for the best results.

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Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts focuses on protecting babies on the inside. Babies explore through their senses and are vulnerable to elements in their environment. Green Sprouts products are designed to protect them!

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Green Sprouts
Wean Green
Welcome to First Steps Holland

First Steps Holland an independent distributor who supplies high quality and or natural products for babies, children mums and dads. We supply great products to many outlets, chain stores across Europe and small, independent retailers alike. If you like to add one of more brands First Steps distributes please contact us or fill out our wholesale application.

About Us
Welcome to First Steps! We are a growing independent distributor who supplies high quality, natural products for babies and children. Based in Noordwijk in the Netherlands, First Steps began in 2005 with our own line of cotton baby wear and has now grown to include lines from other